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Authoritative insight on a variety of content structure topics

Surveys, Trends, Insights

Part of our mission is to keep on top of the latest trends and business needs in data conversion, content management strategy, and technology – and we do it with your help! Our surveys, whether exclusive to Data Conversion Laboratory or conducted jointly with our partners, allow us and you to know what’s developing in content delivery across such industries as educational publishing, life sciences and healthcare, and eBook production. Here you’ll find surveys, when active, in which we invite you to participate, as well as the information we’ve discovered through our previous questionnaires. Learning about your changing needs, plans, and methods helps us better serve you – we welcome your input!

Previous results:

thumbnail - Digital Transformation 2022.JPG

CIDM - DCL - RWS Digital Transformation Survey 2022: Infographic

CIDM, DCL, and RWS wanted to know what steps people are taking toward “digital transformation” and where content structure and information architecture fit into the plan. We launched a survey to understand how various industries address the adoption of processes, technology, tools, and information architecture.

Trends 2019

DCL - CIDM Trends Survey 2019: Infographic

Here’s what you told Data Conversion Laboratory and the Center for Information Development Management (CIDM) about the ways in which changing content development and delivery requirements are affecting your business today.


DCL & DITA Strategies: Training & Learning Survey 2018

DCL and DITA Strategies asked you how your organization develops and uses education and training content. Professionals who create and deliver training content for both business and public sector organizations face a number of challenges.

Trends 2020 thumbnail.JPG

DCL - CIDM Trends Survey 2020: Infographic

DCL and CIDM trace the changes in how we think about developing and delivering content. Learn how others in the information-development community plan to respond to new customer demands for innovative approaches to content development and delivery.

Trends 2018

DCL - CIDM Trends Survey 2018: Infographic

Consumers have more avenues than ever before to find the content they need. Are you trying to decipher how content trends are impacting your business? Do you need to respond to a rapidly changing digital marketplace?

2017 Digital Publishing Survey

DCL & Bowker: 2017 Digital Publishing Survey

DCL and Bowker surveyed the industry about digital publishing plans for 2018. As the demand increases for materials of all types to be available on mobile devices, publishers and authors are challenged with providing a quality reading experience.

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