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Specialized data and content transforms that ensure regulatory compliance success

Customized Solutions for Complex Digital Content Challenges

DCL provides expert conversion services to the health and pharmaceuticals industries. With subject matter expertise in Structured Product Labeling (SPL), standard response packages, research manuscripts, publications, reference materials, electronic medical records, and more, DCL ensures content and data comply with federal regulations. We work with organizations from biotech firms, medical equipment manufacturers, pharma, veterinary medicine, hospitals and medical records industries. 

DCL is a member of the SPL Working Group and created most SPL Working Group data samples. DCL is proud of its completed and successful pilot programs for many Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies.

Services and Solutions 

  • Compliance and Regulatory: Structured Product Labeling (SPL) and ACA6004.

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR): Involvement with an HL7 initiative for the automation of medical records of which the SPL initiative is one of the earlier regulatory efforts.

  • Medical Literature: Documents and research manuscripts for publication and for online databases, for corporate use, for STM publishing, and for governmental agencies, including NIH.

  • XML and PDF databases: Processing of documents, policy manuals, research documents, and more.

Source Formats

  • Hardcopy documents

  • Electronic Medical Records

  • Policies and procedures

  • Training materials

  • Regulatory filings

  • PDFs

  • Spreadsheets

  • Microfilm/fiche

  • Audio

  • Video

  • Unstructured data

Target Formats

  • XML

  • ACA6004


  • HL7

  • Custom data feeds



  • JSON




SPL Working Group


DCL has been a huge help regarding the FDA registration process. They have registered many of my products with the FDA, as well as, my customers NDC numbers and registrations. Their team is very helpful and answers all of my questions. They get back to me quickly and process through the FDA very quick as well. When there is a question regarding an email they reach out directly for more clarity. I have had no issues with DCL and highly recommend.