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Discovery Bridge

Structuring XML and metadata to ensure your content gets discovered

The Challenge of Getting Discovered

Publishers know that libraries and other content consumers have difficulty locating relevant documents (standards, journal articles, books, book chapters, etc.) primarily due to the complex, varying requirements of the many discovery, abstracting, and indexing services.

Discovery Bridge bridges the gap between publishers and the complex web of discovery vendors such as EBSCO, ProQuest, Kudos, Web of Science, and many others. DCL Discovery Bridge creates vendor-specific metadata feeds for discovery platforms. Discovery Bridge is a continuous platform of content transformations and metadata feeds, ensuring that each vendor receives content optimized and structured per the discovery platform specifications.

The importance of having a plan and process for content QA

Assuring content quality in today's business environment is vitally important. Most content is an accumulation from various sources that builds up over time. Periodic review and analysis focuses efforts on identifying and improving ongoing content quality, consistency and accuracy.


The first step in DCL Markup Check is content analysis, which quickly identifies areas for investigation. Organizations recognize immediate benefits including

Content discovery? It's complicated!

Scholarly publishers and researchers have a complex and symbiotic relationship. Each year, 10 million researchers around the world access 2.5 billion journal articles online. Yet it takes an average of 15 clicks for a researcher to find and access a journal article. It's even more complicated for students accessing content from libraries, dorm rooms, and cafes.

Web of Scholarly Discovery Platforms

A Complex Web to Navigate

Many users of the illegal site, Sci-Hub admit that they could have accessed an article legitimately but decided it was easier to use Google Scholar and then navigate to the illegal platform.

Discovery Vendors

A vast network of discovery vendors propagate content across the web. Each vendor has its own specific XML requirement. Publishers must be fluent in each vendors' best practices, special needs, and preferred formats for receiving data.

Scholarly Publishing Discovery Vendor Landscape

Discovery Bridge Brings it Together

DCL’s mission is to bridge the gaps between publishers and the discovery vendors

they use. The results: our clients get their content expertly transformed, and the discovery vendors have a smooth, rapid process in getting content into their feeds.

Markets Served

Discovery Bridge is a useful solution for any organization with a high volume of content with feeds to specific discovery targets.

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