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S1000D is an international XML specification (part of the larger family of S-Series ILS specifications) for the procurement and production of technical publications (aerospace, defense, and capital-intensive equipment applications).

With the end goal firmly in mind, DCL believes in helping you make the right decisions and constructing a plan for success. This always starts with analysis of your content. Especially with S1000D, upfront analysis is the key starting point for a successful project. DCL applies the highest level of automation to ensure a cost-effective and quality conversion.

Ensuring a successful conversion to S1000D

DCL was the first service provider to do any major legacy conversion to S1000D and has done millions of pages of conversions for major aerospace OEMs, operators, and all branches of the defense services. DCL has deep experience with all major manual types, including Illustrated Parts, Breakdown Fault Isolation and Reporting, Aircraft Operations Manual, Aircraft Maintenance Manual, Job Guides, Structural Repair, Aircraft Systems Manual and General Systems.

An engagement with DCL involves content analysis using Harmonizer software followed by specific conversion tools configured to the customer's content. These tools are configured to specifically address:

  • The conversion specifications for tagging rule governance

  • The DMRL

  • Content re-use identification to minimize the amount of content to convert

  • Configuration of Best Practice scanners

  • Configuration of test rules on converted content

  • Automated checks ensure conversion quality and verify that specification and best practices have been followed

  • Secure Repository

  • Production management audit trail




It was the largest conversion ever to the S1000D standard, comprising hundreds of thousands of pages of the OEM manual of an aircraft that the Air Force uses. 


What Our Customers Say

I've got personal experience with DCL. Their Business Development department is very responsive, and their reputation is stellar. I've never heard anyone in my business (US DoD Air Force) have a bad word to say about them. Highly recommended.