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Scalable Big Data Solutions for the Legal Industry

Customized Solutions for Complex Digital Content Challenges

Scalable big data solutions for the legal industry that combine deep domain expertise with technology. We provide clients with unique access and insight into the mission-critical financial and legal data generated during normal business operations. Information and data take center stage in the context of big-ticket litigation and DCL's services and tools bring structure and semantics to content in the legal environment.

Operating in areas not typically addressed by traditional eDiscovery and BPO data vendors, our consultants deploy deep legal/financial domain expertise, advanced technology, and experienced project management personnel to bring legal and economic transparency to the vast amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured operational data.

Redaction Analyzer software provides lawyers and litigation support professionals with the ability to identify each and every redaction in image-based eDiscovery productions in a matter of hours. Secure, user-friendly, highly automated, and scalable, the Redaction Analyzer can be run against both inbound and outbound productions and is able to identify a wide variety of redaction formats (including unlabeled black box redactions and text-based redactions).

Representative Engagements

  • Regulated Investment Fund: automated conversion of 40,000 pages of public offering materials filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The source material was in unstructured PDF and TXT formats. The relevant material was converted into a structured format and certain key legal provisions were automatically identified, extracted, and incorporated into a report for further analysis by the client’s legal team.

  • Major Insurance Company: developed and deployed technology designed to assist in the re-underwriting of residential loan files. The engagement involved enriching XML data from a third-party data vendor and creating a sophisticated, user-friendly interface that presented loan file/tape data in an easy-to-read format together with black-line functionality, highlighting updates to loan breach-finding narratives and materiality conclusions. A major factor in improving the quality, depth, and speed of the re-underwriting review was the fact that we provided the ability to hyperlink the loan file data to the original data source located in underwriting guidelines, loan files, and supporting documents.

  • Fortune 100 Company: automatically parsed, normalized, and extracted data from semi-structured discovery-related materials. In total 1.5 million+ data points were delivered for export into another vendor's case management system. Further insight was provided into the client’s data by performing complex calculations for inclusion into reports that continue to inform the client’s overall litigation strategy.

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Source Formats

  • Hardcopy Documents

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Training Materials

  • Regulatory Filings

  • PDFs

  • Spreadsheets

  • Microfilm and Microfiche

  • Audio

  • Video

  • Unstructured Data

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Target Formats

  • XML

  • Custom Data Feeds

  • JSON

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In a matter of hours, Redaction Analyzer's detection software provides lawyers and litigation personnel with the ability to identify a wide variety of image-based redaction formats. AI technology enables the quick identification and exclusion of false positives.

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