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Content Clarity

Helping you understand obstacles in your content structure that hinder access and discoverability

Audit, Analysis, and Insight Into Your Content Library

  • Do all my xrefs properly link?

  • Are there errors in my DOIs?

  • Do subject category metadata align with my current taxonomy?


Content Clarity from DCL provides a deep analysis of a publisher’s entire catalog to answer these questions and many more. We audit and generate insights that allow organizations to view a collection based on specific content metrics. The Content Clarity Report illustrates where you have issues or errors in XML files, metadata, DOIs, xrefs, and more.

Errors and issues with content structure are costly. The key business drivers for XML are to improve interoperability and facilitate discoverability. Publishers that strategize and plan for organizational change to the development, production, and distribution of content must have a clear picture of content structure across the entire collection.


Many scholarly publishers have content that spans decades with no single person in-house who has collective knowledge about that content. In the daily cycle to process and publish new research, the task of analyzing the current library can seem daunting. Content Clarity is a minimal investment that yields big returns helping you understand the obstacles that hinder access and discoverability.


We provide clarity checks that ensure your collection is cohesive and error-free.

Clarity Checks

  • Invalid assets

  • Missing callouts

  • DOI conflicts

  • Missing DOCTYPE

  • Invalid XML/Parsing errors

  • DTD list

  • ISSN info

  • Bad date

  • Missing ref-list title

  • Missing article title

  • Duplicate IDs within an article

  • Missing self-uri PDF

  • Missing volume/issue

  • Subject categories

  • Number of files

  • Byte count

  • Full text vs header-only count

  • PDF pages

  • and so much more

"Modernizing our content platform was critical to maintaining the pace and professional publishing environment at AIPP. Additionally, we recognized that this massive undertaking would provide deep insight into issues in our content structure that impact downstream discovery. What we did not anticipate was the amount of content and assets that required XML updates that DCL demonstrated would improve our content performance.”

Ann Michael

Chief Digital Transformation Officer


Are You Migrating Platforms?

While a content audit is useful anytime, a platform migration is a perfect time to analyze your catalog and optimize your content structure.

Contact us today to learn how easy it is to get started!

Content Clarity Answers the Tough Questions

How do I audit metadata for legacy content?
What errors lurk in our old articles?


Businessman Utilizing DCL's Content Clarity Services


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"Content Clarity helps us triage issues across content platforms. The reporting was thorough and more information was provided than I expected."

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Content Clarity can analyze the content structure in various document sets. Contact us to learn more!

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