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Innovate, remain viable, and create long-term sustainable content collections

Customized Solutions for Complex Digital Content Challenges

DCL has more than three decades of experience working with libraries, museums, and universities for all their digitization needs. Our focus on continuous collaboration with customers provides constant visibility into the progress of the project, a path to long-term value and future improvements, and the Return-On-Investment (ROI) you demand from your data conversion investment.

Specializing in XML, NLM, HTML, MARC & DAISY, DCL uses a combination of OCR, proprietary recognition, and correction technology. It’s part of our commitment to quality in automation, so that you can rely on spot-checking work, instead of consuming valuable resources on manual proofing.

DCL provides the highest quality standard in the industry, delivering projects with an accuracy rate as high as 99.997%. Got a conversion project? We’ve got you covered:

Services and Solutions

  • Digitizing entire content corpus 

  • Automating complex page composition

  • Transforming content collections to updated standards (e.g., JATS 1.2, NISO STS, BITS, etc.)

  • eBook production for special collections (e.g., ePUB and MOBI)

  • Semantic enrichment of previously scanned collections

Source Formats

  • Hardcopy

  • PDF

  • Reference materials

  • Special library collections

  • Repositories

  • Student records

  • Images

  • Microfilm/fiche

  • Audio

  • Video

Target Formats

  • XML

  • NLM / JATS

  • HTML

  • MARC


  • BITS


  • EPUB

  • MOBI


By extracting and structuring over a hundred years of unstructured copyright records into an accurate unified database, The New York Public Library will unlock previously buried information to create an important resource for researchers and the public, world-wide, to further facilitate NYPL’s mission.




DCL is proud to take part in industry groups that support publishing and content distribution.