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Survey Results


CIDM - DCL - RWS Digital Transformation Survey 2022

CIDM, DCL, and RWS wanted to understand what steps people are taking toward “digital transformation” and where content structure and information architecture fit into the plan. The three organizations launched a three-month-long “Digital Transformation Survey” to understand how various industries address the adoption of processes, technology, tools, and information architecture.


Digital Transformation is often defined as the process of using digital technologies to create or optimize business processes to improve company and customer experience and meet changing customer demand and market requirements. 

Digital transformation may involve spending thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars purchasing new tools and technologies. No matter how many new tools and systems and how much money you put toward transforming your organization, a large piece of the digital transformation puzzle comprises a content transformation.

digital transformation means....png

Question 1, above, is an open-ended question and therefore not part of the infographic that reports on multiple-choice responses. The answers above are a few of the participants' completions of the sentence "To me, 'digital transformation' means..."

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