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DCL and Related Technology Milestones

Structuring Data and Content Since 1981

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Adam Osborne introduced the first portable computer, the Osborne 1, which weighed about 25 pounds, ran the CP/M 2.2 operating system, and cost $1,899.

Standard Generalized Markup Language

SGML becomes an ISO standard - ISO 8879:1986 Information processing – Text and office systems 

The World Wide Web Invented

Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989 while working as a software engineer at CERN in Switzerland

The Osborne 1 personal computer
Info Conversion Business Grows Up
MindReader by DCL

MindReader by DCL
DCL launches its visual text structure recognition (intuitive mark-up) software that has enough intelligence to make most SGML decisions automatically

New York Newsday

The information conversion business "grows up"

DCL in the New York Times

Ending the pain of data transfers is a featured article in the New York Times


How to enter ten thousand pages of data in ten keystrokes—call DCL!


DCL established 1981


Bristol-Myers Squibb

DCL converts 860 Xerox discs to Multimate forrmat

PDF icon
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Portable Document Format Emerges

Dr. John Warnock launches The Camelot Project

W3C logo

W3C Founded in 1994

The World Wide Web Consortium is an international community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web


DCL's First Website Goes Live

DCL launches the first iteration of its website and the first online edition of the DCL Newsletter


Wizzy the Owl

DCL creates the world's first cartoon series about SGML

Hello, XML!

The W3C publishes XML 1.0 specification

XML Handbook

DCL's methodology for implementing large-scale document conversion projects is the subject of a chapter in Charles Goldfarb's XML Handbook 

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