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Database Conversion

Data Conversion & Transformation Services

High-accuracy converted content down to the character level

Data Conversion Service: The Building Blocks for Digital Content

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DCL prepares content for digital distribution. We transform and convert all types of information from all major word processing, typesetting, PDF, and other document formats (as well as paper) into structured formats, including XML, S1000D, DITA, proprietary schemas, and others. The most complex technical documentation is often characterized by elaborate tables, equations, cross-referencing, special characters, footnotes, and specialized imaging requirements. DCL excels at converting complex content into structured content. Our database conversion services support most foreign languages, including Latin-based and double-byte characters. 

DCL's proven automated conversion method produces the highest-quality consistently tagged data, while our 24/7 online document tracking system keeps clients informed throughout the entire process. Our extensive US-based project management team and multi-level QA means our clients do not expend internal resources to fix data or content after conversion.

Robust Digitization and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Optical character recognition (OCR) is the electronic conversion and identification of scanned images, such as those from paper documents, into searchable, digital text that is readable in a PDF format. DCL’s experts can help you determine if OCR is right for your legacy materials project.

DCL is fully equipped to handle all types of scanning projects including large-scale as well as the many types of paper-based projects that require special or white-glove handling to scan, such as old and rare materials. We are experienced with both destructive and non-destructive materials. 

DCL provides service at any level depending on the accuracy rate you require.

  • Light: OCR without clean-up (accuracy level generally of 95%)

  • Medium: OCR with errors cleanup (accuracy level is around 98-99%)

  • Full: OCR including full proofreading - character-level comparison (99.995% accurate)

  • Automated: Large volume projects can be automated - system picks up and processes the file then delivers the results (99.995% accurate) 

Tools: OCR, Computer Vision, sophisticated algorithms, text analysis, automated QC software

Database conversion management services that include strategic planning, independent quality assurance, automation, and more

Whether your objective is to handle a data conversion project in-house or you know you need outside support, DCL's conversion management services ensure your product runs smoothly. As your full service provider, vendor manager, or support for in-house conversion projects, DCL’s expert team helps determine the correct approach, coordinate internal or outsourced resources, manage resources throughout the project, perform independent QA services pre and/or post conversion, and more. 

DCL ensures your project is completed on-time, on-budget, and within the highest level of accuracy possible.

  • Conversion Planning

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Content Reuse Analysis

  • Workflow Analysis

  • Project Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Software Development

  • Full Lifecycle Consulting

  • Project Development and Planning

  • Data Evaluation and Specification

  • Business Case Analysis and Report

  • Format Structuring

  • Vendor Selection

  • Training

  • Automation Options

DCL Conversion Model

DCL Conversion Hub

In order to make the conversion of data process as fast and flexible as possible, DCL developed the Hub-and-Spoke software architecture in which all data is normalized in the DCL Conversion Hub. The DCL Hub is an XML-based superset format that standardizes all files and breaks them down into their key elements. The files are then filtered into their target format.

The DCL Guarantee

DCL is recognized for its outstanding customer service and average data conversion-accuracy rates of 99.9%. Our QA checkpoints ensure the desired level of accuracy is achieved through automated and manual processes.

The DCL Conversion Guarantee
  • What is XML conversion?
    XML conversion is the process of transforming content or data to the eXtensible Markup Language. The XML file format makes it possible and affordable to create content once and use it many times in print and digital formats.
  • What types of XML conversion projects are your specialty?
    Data Conversion Laboratory specializes in a broad range of XML conversion services. Following are some of the most common conversion projects we manage: Word to XML conversion HTML to XML conversion PDF to XML conversion Excel to XML conversion Text to XML conversion XML to XML conversion NLM XML to JATS XML conversion
  • What formats can your XML conversion service output?
    Our data conversion system is able to convert from practically any data source into any desired format, including: DITA & DITA Specializations DITA Learning & Training DITA for Publishers PubMed JATS JATS and NLM DTDs BITS NISO STS MathML Bookshelf MARC NIMAS DAISY ATA S1000D Mil-STD SGML SPL (Structured Product Labeling) Mets/Alto Prism
  • Can you convert legacy data to XML?
    Many companies and organizations have legacy software systems that use proprietary data formats that are difficult to access or incompatible with newer platforms. Our team of data engineers can develop a custom-tailored XML conversion solution for you. DCL's human and AI-based QA checkpoints can achieve up to 99.9% conversion accuracy.
  • What is the DCL Conversion Hub?
    The DCL Conversion Hub is a system we designed to streamline the process of converting data in practically from any format into any other format. This Hub-and-Spoke software architecture accepts inputs in any format, then normalizes it into an XML-based superset that can output into any other structured format.
  • Can you convert paper documents to XML?
    Yes, we can digitize papers using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), then run that data through our XML conversion services. Learn more about our OCR services.
  • Can you convert data from multiple sources or file types?
    Yes, DCL's Conversion Hub system can take in data from various sources, such as file servers, web serviers, databases, data feeds, etc., then output it in your desired format. This enables you to centralize and unfify data that might otherwise be unavailable to other parts of your organization.
  • What is DITA conversion?
    DITA stands for Darwin Information Typing Architecture. DITA is an XML data model for authoring and publishing content. The DITA architecture was originally developed by IBM for IBM technical publications. DITA is a standard for technical publications and documentation. DITA enables the Interchange and interoperation of XML content from a wide variety of sources without requiring everyone involved to agree on a single overarching document type definition Reuse of content among different publications and within the same publication
  • What is S1000D conversion?
    S1000D is an international XML specification for the procurement and production of technical publications. The specification is primarly used in the aerospace and defense industries.

Markup Language Expertise

  • XML

  • HTML


  • MathML

  • S1000D



  • DITA & DITA Specializations

  • DITA Learning & Training

  • DITA for Publishers

  • Bookshelf

I have been very happy over the years with the work done for our company by DCL, but my latest situation just put it over the top for me. The willingness of the staff to redo work based on updated material that they had already processed and to do it so quickly and graciously was beyond expectations. I could not be more pleased!

Markets Served

DCL's OCR services are ideal for all industries that require digitized and structured content created from static, flat files or printed materials.



DCL is proud to play an active role in various industry associations and working groups. Interested in having a DCL content expert serve on your organization?

Contact us!

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