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Analyze large document collections to identify content reuse across multiple document sets and source formats

Data Analysis & Redundancy Evaluation

Most document collections contain more than 50% redundancy. Most document collections contain more than 50% redundancy.


This means organizations are maintaining twice as much content as they need to – at twice the expense. Updating duplicate content multiple times, through multiple divisions expends precious resources, time, and money. Because most organizations want to streamline the content management process, erasing the concern of managing redundant content is mission-critical.

Harmonizer is a software application that analyzes document collections using natural language processing (NLP) to identify redundant content in the collection. DCL has developed extensive artificial intelligence (AI) training sets over the decades. Consequently, the algorithms in Harmonizer process text not only faster but also with deeper intelligence and accuracy.


  • Capture reuse potential and metrics for ROI calculation

  • Harmonize content (reduce "near duplicate" content) to provide consistent information throughout a document set

  • Create leaner content collections to streamline management, translation, and localization

  • Increase efficiency in updating information in the future

Harmonizer identifies redundancies within and between a set of publications

How much of my content is redundant? Can I reuse significant portions of my content? Are key terms or product names phrased consistently throughout my document sets? Harmonizer answers these questions and more by analyzing paragraphs in a content set and looking for exact or close matches among all of the other paragraphs. The analysis is presented in either an HTML or Excel report.

Harmonizer Report Overview


A summary of information analyzed in the report lists the total number of paragraphs inspected. Unique, close, and exact matching paragraphs are presented as a percentage and numerical count.

Report Title

Typically, the company name and documentation set

Graphic Summary

Breakdown (n, %) of total paragraphs analyzed with close, exact, and unique content matches

Report Navigation

The analysis is presented across five reports

Reuse Potential

Listing of paragraphs that could be edited in or eliminated from the document collection


Data Analyst


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Our customers find that Harmonizer reveals unintended differences in text phrasing, spelling, and punctuation—often finding errors that have been deeply embedded in documentation for many years.

Content analysis and DITA conversion

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Industries Served

Harmonizer is ideal for any content-centric organization managing document collections with high reuse potential. Harmonizer is invaluable for organizations that are moving to a topic-based authoring workflow or implementing DITA.

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