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  • Marianne Calilhanna

Success With the Process Data Module

Content needs to be intelligent and guide the end user. The Process Data Module builds intelligence into content and allows the end user to input answers to questions that drive the flow of content to effectively complete tasks.

The S1000D Process Data Module is the mechanism in which the IETM accepts real-time feedback from monitoring systems and triggers external processes. The Process Data Module enables content reuse with the ability to store content in a common information repository and call subtasks into larger tasks for true content reuse throughout a program.

DCL Success Story: Experience and Expertise


DCL successfully converted technical content that was previously in an outdated IETM into valid S1000D 4.1. Content was stored in a database and had impressive functionality given its age. The project did not want to lose functionality it had currently and the procedural and fault isolation data modules could not fulfill their requirements. To achieve the functionality and intelligence of the current IETM, DCL recommended the implementation of the Process Data Module.


The initial challenge was to extract the data from the content database without losing any data, relationships, or functionality. Not only did DCL convert this content into valid 4.1 S1000D with fully functional Process Data Modules, but also the tagging was more advanced than that of the current S1000D viewer selected by the program. DCL worked alongside the software distributor to provide the functionality for the project demonstration.


This project was a successful pilot for the United States Air Force in 2021. To date, DCL is the only company to successfully implement the Process Data Module while using the Air Force common viewer and USAF Technical Order Authoring and Publishing System.



DCL employs two of the leading experts in the S1000D specification---Naveh Greenberg and Chuck Davis. Both Naveh and Chuck have been the driving force leading many S1000D projects with defense departments and major aviation organizations.



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