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  • Marianne Calilhanna

New Work in Technical Communication: Updating a Competence Framework for Technical Writers

Data Conversion Laboratory, RWS, and CIDM conducted a survey in 2022 to assess the adoption of digital transformation and where content structure and information architecture fit into the plan. The survey captures how various industries address the adoption of processes, technology, tools, and information architecture.

The survey data was provided to Prof. Dr. Birgitta Meex, German linguistics, professional & technical communication

Faculty of Arts at Campus Antwerpen. Along with her colleague Joyce Karreman, they published a "New Work in Technical Communication: Updating a Competence Framework for Technical Writers" in the peer-reviewed journal Sprache im Beruf. The full article is available via subscription from the publisher's website here.


The profession of technical communication is undergoing fundamental changes due to automation, digitalization, and globalization. The working practices of technical writers have shifted considerably; communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing are highly relevant today. As a result, technical writers typically work in integrated agile teams. The content of technical writers' work has changed as well, due to technological advances and a more prominent role of end users in the design process. These developments imply that technical writers need to acquire more and different competencies than before. A recent competence framework for technical communication (TecCOMFrame) is evaluated, and suggestions are made for updating this framework.



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