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Learn to Upgrade Valuable Media and Business Content Without Draining Your Budget
Data Conversion Laboratory and RSI Content Solutions offer webinar series on the business case for digital content

Fresh Meadows, NY – Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), a leading provider of digital publishing services, and RSI Content Solutions, a content management system (CMS) software provider, are sponsoring a six-part webinar series starting April 26th which will address the many myths associated with the world of XML, CMS, and eBooks.

"Organizations are just starting to discover the value of content they've got locked away in older formats. With the extensive search capabilities now available, and eBook distribution, that content is findable by a whole new, much larger audience," said Mark Gross, CEO of DCL.

Publishers and businesses that rely on content for revenue, customer service, decision-making, and research will learn how to avoid costly mistakes. Each webinar will highlight a different aspect of how publishers of all types are shifting revenue streams along with print and digital products to better meet the growing demands of their customers.

"Publishers and media companies need technology that can effectively manage and deliver content," said Barry Bealer, CEO and co-founder of RSI Content Solutions. "This webinar series details how successful organizations are using XML and CMS to deliver content any time, to any format, on any device.

The six part webinar series called 'Reality Check' features experts in content management and publishing who lead the series and detail how to manage information and transform content to work within eBooks, browsers, and mobile platforms.

  • The first webinar, on April 26th led by Darrell Gunter of the Gunter Media Group, will focus on how digital formats can drive profits. He'll highlight best practices for working with content moving forward while also developing a plan for converting backlist titles to modern formats.
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  • The second webinar, on May 9th led by Dianne Kennedy of IDEAlliance, will detail how automated conversion of Word to XML impacts content downstream and how automated workflow processes enables the same amount of staff to increase productivity.
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  • The third webinar, on June 13th led by Christopher Hill of RSI Content Solutions, takes a step-by-step approach to move from the status quo in publishing to modern content management systems that are pivotal for future growth.
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  • The fourth webinar, on August 29th led by Pat Sabosik of Elm City Consulting, will explain why the do-it-yourself approach has an 82% failure rate and how to make educated decisions for a cost-effective approach to content management.
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  • The fifth webinar, on December 6th led by Barry Bealer of RSI Content Solutions and Mark Gross of DCL, will comment on and share the results of the combined 10-month polling surveys of a large number of publishing and media executives.
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  • The sixth webinar, on February 20th led by Mike Edson and John Corkery of the DETI Group, checks into quality issues so publishing organizations can blend automation into workflows without sacrificing quality.
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About Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc.
DCL ( is a leader in organizing, converting, and moving content to modern formats for wide access and new revenue streams. With expertise across many industries, DCL's proprietary technology matched with US-based project management teams solve clients' complex conversion challenges securely, accurately and on-time. Serving businesses, government, nonprofits and individuals by future-proofing their content, DCL started in 1981 and is a 100 Top Company in the Digital Content Industry for 2011-2012.

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