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Publishers, Government, Military Maintaining or Increasing Conversion Projects

FRESH MEADOWS, NY—JUNE 14, 2001—Contrary to the tech sector downturn, and despite disappointing sales of electronic books and reading devices, publishers, government and military agencies, corporations and education institutions are increasing or maintaining their level of data conversion activity. The surprising finding was the result of a recent informal survey by Data Conversion Laboratory (www.dclab), an industry leader in converting and repurposing data. Of 103 respondents—46 in the publishing sector—the survey found:

  • Over 80 percent of respondents are increasing or maintaining data conversion projects; with the majority actually increasing (43 percent vs. 30 percent)

  • 60 percent will be doing conversions involving XML and/or SGML

  • XML alone, or in combination with another format, is by far the most preferred conversion platform

“This affirms what we’ve been saying all along: publishers, government and military agencies, and corporations recognize data is the jewel in their crown, and electronic repurposing of that data is the key to their future,” said Mark Gross, president of Data Conversion Laboratory.

Among the other key findings of the survey:

  • 62 percent said they will be outsourcing or doing a combination of outsource/in-house conversion

  • 18 percent contemplated PDF or HTML conversions that did not involve XML or SGML

  • Less than 14 percent are considering cutting back on conversion projects.

“The survey also tells us that our respondents know that converting to XML or SGML now is more cost-effective than doing a ‘quick-fix’ HTML/PDF conversion, or leaving data the way it is, and doing the ‘tough stuff’ later. Over the last month or two, we’ve seen an increase in demand for conversion, and now we know why,” Gross concluded.

Data Conversion Laboratory is the leader in implementing complex data conversion solutions for government and military agencies, including the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and the Library of Congress. It also serves such publishing giants as McGraw-Hill, Wiley, Harcourt, Wolters Kluwer, Lippincott and Reed Elsevier. The company is located at 61-18 190th St., 2nd Floor in Fresh Meadows, N.Y. and is privately owned.  For more information about Data Conversion Laboratory and its services, please visit the company website at, or call 1-718-357-8700.

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