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FRESH MEADOWS, NY-JANUARY 16, 2001- OneCARESM, Inc., a software and services company specializing in web-based product-support solutions for retailers and manufacturers, announces a strategic partnership with Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) that will further enhance its offerings for its clients.

OneCARE will work with DCL, an industry leader in managing and implementing large-scale, complex data conversions.  Data Conversion Laboratory will provide OneCARE with greater capability to convert client's existing product support information.  DCL has experience converting millions of pages of legacy data, including owner's manuals and other technical documentation to online formats-and now for use in web-based product support packages for OneCARE.

"Through products like our SMARTManualTM, we're creating the standard for the next generation of product support," says Fred Larson, OneCARE's President.  "Part of our challenge is to transfer our client's often complicated and detailed technical information into a web-enabled, graphical, integrated and interactive format.  Now, with help from DCL, we'll be able to make that transfer much more quickly and efficiently."

DCL supports all major electronic formats including SGML, XML, and HTML, and publishing formats such as Interleaf, Bookmaster, Folio, Quark, FrameMaker, MS Word, troff, LaTex, Xyvision,Ventura, PDF, and WordPerfect, as well as paper and microfilm.  Particularly important to OneCARE is DCL's strength with large, complex technical documentation, typically characterized by elaborate tables, equations, cross-references, special characters, footnotes and complex imaging requirements.

Once the conversion process is complete, OneCARE customers will have complete use of SMARTManual product-support technology.  This includes full support for problems related to product assembly, installation, operation and repair.   It also provides one-to-one personalization, e-commerce linkage, on-line communications via the product support center, and integration into a manufacturer's existing system.

"OneCARE's product-support offering is leading the way for a new CRM-centric strategy, which enhances the value of product documentation," says David Skurnik, Director of Sales and Marketing for Data Conversion Laboratory. "We see OneCARE's offering complimenting our data conversion services to offer customers truly a one-stop shop for web-based product support."

In the Internet economy, where consumers have come to expect support on-line, conversion to superior online support will become more critical.

"In today's 'buy-and-scrap' marketplace, companies not only need to convert quickly from cumbersome, mostly paper-based manuals, but they must be ready to update information online instantly as models change," Larson says.  "The beauty of our partnership with DCL is that we can help our clients make those changes to their new online manuals quickly.  DCL leads the industry in content conversion and we're delighted to have them as a partner."

About Data Conversion Laboratory

Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL),, provides conversion services and software for the implementation and management of large, complex conversion projects.  DCL works with a diverse range of industries; including aerospace, pharmaceutical, automotive, telecommunications, publishing, computer hardware and software, as well as professional societies, government agencies and utility providers.  DCL's clients include Lucent Technologies, United Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Gulfstream Aerospace, Boeing (Douglas Division), Freightliner, John Deere, United Defense, the Xerox Corporation, the Society of Petroleum Engineers, ASM International (the Materials Information Society), McGraw-Hill, the British Medical Association, Blackwell Science, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, and the Library of Congress.  Additionally, the company has recently authored a chapter on XML conversion for Charles Goldfarb's XML Handbook (Prentice Hall). For more information, please visit

About OneCARE, Inc.

OneCAREsm,, a software and services web-based product-support company, has developed a breakthrough platform that enables companies to completely transform existing online product and technical support.  OneCARE solutions are designed to enable clients to build long-term customer relationships, reduce customer support expense, and increase sales of repair parts, accessories and new products.  The Company's centerpiece product, the SMARTManualTM, represents the most significant technical leap in product support since the 800 telephone number.  The SMARTManual is a graphical, interactive and fully integrated alternative to traditional paper-based owner manuals and existing web-based product support applications.  The SMARTManual incorporates increasing levels of integrated support including text, photos, animation, video, and 3D product views.  OneCARE is headquartered in Pleasantville, New York and has offices in New York City; Eatontown, New Jersey; Clearwater, Florida; and Fairfax, Virginia.

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