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Data Conversion Laboratory Announces New NLM XML and PubMed Support Offerings

Fresh Meadows, NY – September 1, 2009: Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. (DCL), providing conversion services and software to publishers, industry, government, libraries and documentation developers, has introduced new product and service offerings to support publishers depositing materials in PubMed Central or who convert materials to NLM XML for their own publication purposes. Developed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), NLM XML is fast becoming the de facto XML standard for scientific journals.

DCLcomposer: This XSLT software enables automated two-column PDF renderings of manuscripts and journal articles, with in-line images and tables, from NLM XML. Publishers delivering articles and offprints in lieu of full journals often can utilize DCL Composer to produce composed articles directly from the XML tagging, thereby eliminating the need to do composition prior to XML conversion.

DCLcomposer Service: Supplementing DCL's conversion service for author manuscripts and journal articles, DCLcomposer Service renders NLM XML files, providing publishers wishing to limit software investment with publish-ready PDF files.

LinkOut Support: This add-on to DCL's conversion service enables publishers to link their PubMed-deposited materials back to their own websites, resulting in increased web traffic.

NLM XML Training: DCL can provide training - either on-site or via webinars - to organizations desiring to produce NLM XML in-house or to perform QA on NLM XML files.

Mark Gross, DCL President and CEO, explained: "Having converted more than 50,000 papers to the NLM DTD, and adding 3,000 new articles each month, we are committed to continually enhancing our client services. These new offerings will provide additional support for publishers from twelve countries in the conversion of their journals for deposit into the PubMed Central Database."

About Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc.

Founded in 1981, Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. converts and organizes content to create electronic documents, populate databases and publish on the web, sustaining long -term strategic relationships with its clients preparing for tomorrow's technology. An active member of the NLM XML Interchange Structure Advisory Board, DCL has converted more than 50,000 papers for the NIH Open Access program and services some 30 publishers submitting journal content to PubMed Central.  DCL operates with facilities on four continents, providing support services for high-volume data-entry and data-processing using its real-time web-accessible process control software.  DCL converts from any format to any format, and has processed more than a quarter of a billion pages.

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