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Data Conversion Laboratory Announces “Content Clarity”
A Service Offering to Help Publishers Improve Access and Discoverability by Identifying Structural Issues in Their Content Repository

Fresh Meadows, NY, February 4, 2021Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), an industry leader in structured data and content transformations, today announces the launch of Content Clarity, a new service offering for scholarly publishers. Content Clarity provides a deep analysis of a publisher’s entire corpus to identify obstacles in content structure that hinder discoverability. Content Clarity generates a report on a wide range of “clarity checks,” including missing DOIs, bad xrefs, duplicate IDs, and more.

With continuous publication models, pre-print servers, and OA publishing models, journal publishers are publishing more than ever before. Publishers’ content collections are complex, often spanning  decades, during which time standards have evolved. It is imperative to have clear metrics on current structure and content attributes when strategizing and planning for organizational change to the development, production, and distribution of that content. The results of a Content Clarity analysis provide a pathway to improve access and discoverability.

“Many scholarly publishers have content that spans decades with no single person in-house who has collective knowledge about the collection,” explains Brian Trombley, National Sales Director at DCL. “In the daily cycle to process and publish new research, the task of analyzing the current library can seem daunting but the the benefits of ensuring all content published is properly optimized can have bottom line results. Following a Content Clarity audit, DCL can programmatically clean up the files and enrich the content so it is optimized for modern platforms and researchers.”

DCL is a trusted resource to the scholarly publishing industry and provides a range of digital transformation and content structure services. With the latest advances in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, DCL’s services improve content discovery and interoperability.

To learn more about Content Clarity and schedule a demo, please visit

About Data Conversion Laboratory
Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) provides data and content transformation services and solutions. Using the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing, DCL helps businesses organize and structure data and content for modern technologies and platforms. With expertise across many industries including publishing, life sciences, government, manufacturing, technology and professional organizations, DCL uses its advanced technology and U.S.-based project management teams to solve the most complex conversion challenges securely, accurately and on time. DCL is the industry leader in XML content conversion, DITA conversion, S1000D conversion, SPL conversion services, and so much more. Founded in 1981, DCL was named one of EContent's Top 100 Companies in the Digital Content Industry.

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