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Arbortext and Data Conversion Laboratory Announce Service Alliance
Arbortext and Data Conversion Laboratory alliance offers complete solution for large, complex data conversion projects

ANN ARBOR, Mich., November 6, 2000 - Arbortext, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise content integration software and business-to-business commerce solutions, and Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), an industry leader in managing and implementing large scale, complex data conversions, today announced they have entered into a joint service alliance.

Enterprises of all sizes have recognized that XML is the present and future language of the Web, and many corporations from around the world are in the process of, or initializing, efforts to convert legacy data into XML.  Because Arbortext and DCL are renowned XML and data conversion experts, the alliance immediately provides enterprises a complete solution aimed at tackling large and complex data conversion projects.

Specializing in XML and SGML, DCL supports all major electronic formats including HTML, Interleaf, Bookmaster, Folio, Quark, FrameMaker, Miles, MS Word, troff, LaTex, Xyvision,Ventura, PDF and WordPerfect, as well as paper and microfilm.  Much of DCL’s experience is with large, complex technical documentation that is typically characterized by elaborate tables, equations, cross-references, special characters, footnotes and complex imaging requirements including hotspots.

Once the legacy data is converted into XML, enterprises can then utilize Arbortext’s Epic e-content software to leverage the power of XML.  With Epic, enterprises have the ability to capture information quickly, manage and control it effectively, assemble it according to individual needs, and distribute it automatically from a single source to multiple media such as the Web, print, CD-ROM and wireless devices.   Epic enables enterprises to create, capture and deliver more personalized and dynamic content for e-publishing, e-commerce and B2B net marketplace applications.

Arbortext has worked with DCL to ensure its solutions and methodologies are compatible with Arbortext’s business practices.

“We are delighted to be working with Arbortext,” said David Skurnik, vice president sales and marketing of Data Conversion Laboratory.  “They have a strong reputation as a leading vendor of XML-based software to help companies create, manage and distribute e-content and we are happy to extend their expertise to our customers.  Through the combined technology both companies offer, enterprises can experience a seamless transition from complex legacy data conversion to an XML-based content integration solution.”

“We are pleased that DCL is a member of the Arbortext service alliance,” said Brenda Jones, vice president, services of Arbortext.  “DCL’s reputation throughout this industry is solid, and with this agreement we are able to offer clients additional conversion benefits and technology.    To date, DCL has successfully converted more than 100 million pages of legacy data, which means enterprises can be assured their complex data conversion projects are in very good and capable hands.”

About Data Conversion Laboratory

Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) provides conversion services and software for the implementation and management of large, complex conversion projects.DCL works with a diverse range of industries; including aerospace, pharmaceutical, automotive, telecommunications, publishing, computer hardware and software, as well as professional societies, government agencies and utility provider.  DCL's clients include Lucent Technologies, United Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Gulfstream Aerospace, Boeing (Douglas Division), Freightliner, John Deere, United Defense, the Xerox Corporation, the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the American Society of Metallurgy, McGraw-Hill, the British Medical Association, Blackwell Science, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, and the Library of Congress.  Additionally, the company has recently authored a chapter on XML conversion for Charles Goldfarb’s XML Handbook (Prentice Hall). For more information, please visit

About Arbortext

Renowned as one of the original creators of XML, Arbortext is the leading global provider of Enterprise Content Integration (ECI) and business-to-business commerce solutions.  Shipping since 1991, Arbortext’s standards-based software enables enterprises to provide more personalized dynamic and easily searchable content for e-publishing, e-commerce and B2B net marketplaces. Arbortext’s software is currently deployed at over 300 of the Global 2000 companies, including AT&T, Audi, Boeing, British Aerospace, Caterpillar, DaimlerChrysler, Ericsson Telecom, Ford, GM, IBM, Lucent, Nokia, Qantas, Ricoh, Sun Microsystems, International Thomson Publishing, United Airlines, Volkswagen, Volvo and West Group. Arbortext is a founding member and active participant in the XML Activity of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, Arbortext has offices around the world.  For more information please visit

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