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Data Conversion Laboratory Lands 4th Consecutive EC100 Recognition
Scalability, usability, and quality of digitization and content management solutions tag DCL as a "company that matters" in digital content

Fresh Meadows, NY, Dec. 2, 2014 - Recognizing that delivering innovative solutions which support customers in all corners of the digital content ecosystem is paramount in the age of big data and massive legacy content, EContent Magazine announced that Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) has been honored as one of the “EC100”—companies that matter in the digital content industry—for the fourth year in a row.

"We are thrilled that EContent has once again selected DCL as one of the EC100," said Mark Gross, President of Data Conversion Laboratory. "Together, our team and our clients have led the way in developing solutions that address some of the most complex challenges in data conversion today. This recognition underscores how rapidly the field is changing, and how we design approaches that keep pace."

Those complex challenges include developing data conversion and content management processes that offer scalability, efficiency, and high quality output within a wide variety of organizational resource and technical constraints. DCL's automated solutions combine XML and publishing applications, providing organizations, including DCL partner SAE International, with complex technical content publishing needs as well as with new efficiencies, higher quality, and immediate cost reductions for enterprise content management operations.

To achieve the level of scalability in content enrichment that its client Elsevier needs, DCL delivers a hybrid mix of automated and manual processes that componentize and tag citations for the 2.5 million articles in Elsevier’s database. Also, DCL works with publishers like The MIT Press, to improve the readability of eBooks, particularly its computer science textbooks, with highly complex charts and graphs that until recently rendered poorly on digital devices and e-readers. DCL helps The MIT Press quickly convert their textbooks into reflowable eBooks, where digital text is automatically resized and justified to fit the particular device used, making it more easily viewed and read.

"This year we had three new judges and lots of new companies to consider. We also included a new category: Big Data. These days, data is the driving force behind almost everything on the web. From the targeted ads you see while surfing your favorite sites, to the articles and videos that those sites serve up to you, data is behind it all", said Theresa Cramer, Editor of EContent Magazine. "Congratulations to all of the companies on this year's EContent 100 List and kudos on all they contribute to the digital content industry."

About Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. (DCL)

DCL ( is a leader in helping organizations grow the value of their content assets investment. With digitization and content management expertise across multiple industries including publishing, life sciences, government, manufacturing, technology and professional organizations, DCL uses its advanced technology and U.S.-based project management teams to help solve the most complex conversion challenges securely, accurately and on time. DCL is the industry leader in XML content conversion, DITA conversion, S1000D conversion, SPL conversion services, and so much more. Founded in 1981, DCL has been named one of EContent’s Top 100 Companies in the Digital Content Industry in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

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