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  • Marianne Calilhanna

KMWorld Readers' Choice Awards

The 2023 KMWorld Readers' Choice Awards are now open for voting.

Graphic drawing of digital tools related to knowledge management such as laptop, desktop, iPad with XML brackets depicted.

Knowledge management, or KM, is the multidisciplinary process of creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization. While some businesses may not have a formal KM process and designated tools, we all practice KM simply by communicating and working in a business environment.

Today, the tools and technology that support KM are numerous—content management systems (CMS), digital asset management systems (DAMs), enterprise content management (ECM), customer relationship management (CRM), and many more. DCL's tools and services have supported the concept of KM since the beginning as we always recognized that information and knowledge should be treated as valuable organizational resources.

KMWorld is the industry's resource for advice and direction on solutions and strategies in knowledge, content, document, and information management. Every year KMWorld hosts the KMWorld Readers' Choice Awards:

"This is an opportunity to recognize the products and services that you depend on for continued success. There are many other awards and designations bestowed on KM vendors by publications and analyst firms, but this is the one where the winners are chosen by the people who matter most—the end users who use these products and services every day."

This year, DCL is proud to be nominated in three categories:

  1. Best CX and Support – Data Conversion Laboratory

  2. Best Content Management/Services – Data Conversion Laboratory - Harmonizer

  3. Best Text Analytics/NLP – Data Conversion Laboratory - Harmonizer

If you know DCL, you know how serious we take customer service and delivering the right technology for exceptional content management and analysis. We are the leading provider of XML conversion services in the industry and when people think DCL, they think "quality."

There are many great organizations and tools in this year's KMWorld Readers' Choice Awards. Please take a moment and vote. Voting is open until September 13, 2023.


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