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  • Marianne Calilhanna

Data Conversion Laboratory Initiates Transformation and Unification of AMPP’s Vast Content Collection

The Association for Materials Protection and Performance’s (AMPP) manages an extensive collection of content—books, journals, standards, magazines, podcasts, online learning courses, and more. AMPP is the global authority in materials protection and performance and is at the forefront of standards and training to enhance infrastructure protection and maintenance. Its corrosion control and protective coatings expertise has become increasingly important in supporting global infrastructure.

AMPP recognized the necessity of a substantial overhaul in its workflows and tools to continually integrate the latest state-of-the-art developments, crucial for supporting its members and sustaining industry leadership through education, accreditation, innovation, and standardization. This included the need to centralize all content within an XML repository for efficient management and accessibility. Further, AMPP’s members work in demanding industry segments and require access to distinct content elements beyond conventional formats such as books and journal articles.


“We're implementing monumental changes to our processes. Partnering with DCL encompassed various crucial aspects: ensuring conversion accuracy, adept project management for a large-scale endeavor, and deep expertise in handling association content. They're not just a vendor; they're a true partner.”


DCL is transforming much of AMPP’s content into full-text XML, ensuring all content seamlessly flows across multiple channels and platforms. More than a half million pages of image-based PDF content are being converted to full-text JATS XML (for journal articles and conference proceedings) and full-text BITS XML (for books). Additionally, DCL scanned and digitized more than 200,000 print pages from legacy books, magazine articles, conference proceedings, and journal articles. Standards content will also be converted.

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