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  • Marianne Calilhanna

Considerations for Scholarly Publishers When Planning a Platform Migration

For scholarly publishers there inevitably comes a time when content must move to a different hosting platform. It’s a painful process and requires much planning and support. However, there are specific tasks platform providers and production teams can undertake to make the transition smoother.

At the 2019 SSP Annual Meeting, DCL gathered executives from the major scholarly publishing platform providers to discuss strategies and tactics that may minimize some (but probably not all!) stress.


Jake Zarnegar, Chief Product Officer, Silverchair, @silverchairnews Jim Longo, VP Product Leadership and Design, HighWire, @highwirepress Eleni Lialiamou, Vice President, Product Management, Atypon, @Atypon Scott Winner, Chief Executive Officer, Ingenta, @weareingenta Tom Beyer, Platform Services Director, PubFactory, @tombeyer Brian Trombley, National Sales Director, DCL, @dclaboratory Marianne Calilhanna, VP, Marketing, DCL, @dclaboratory



Click the play button above to view the video and a complete transcript of the session. Complete videos, segments or clips can be viewed and shared via social media.


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