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The Partnership Laboratory

Trusted partners from around the world


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WhP provides fully integrated localization services for software and content publishers, industrial automation, and life sciences providers. Centered around technical content and DITA, the services we provide are tailored to meet the client’s need. They range from quality on-time localization to strategic steering to help companies navigate multilingual content organization changes, such as migrating to a new CMS.

With WhP, global content publishers mature their processes and publish multilingual content faster, in more languages, and at an optimal cost.

Since 2004, WhP has been working alongside organizations that have adopted DITA, providing consultancy and localization services to enable them to reach their goals. We have strong in-house expertise and dedicated tools, we host webinars and speak in leading DITA conferences.


Working in partnership since 2014, WhP and DCL have delivered combined services to DITA and structured content clients. They have enabled them to address DITA and localization pain points and achieve global content goals.

The partnership has extended further with presenting together at key DITA events, sharing tools and best practices.

The Partnership Laboratory

Trusted partners from around the world

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