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The Partnership Laboratory

Trusted partners from around the world

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Featured Partner

DCL can work with Paligo to help our customers:

● Migrate from legacy content

● Structure the import process to fit top information architecture principles

● Provide additional post-publishing processes for specific customer needs

Welcome to the Future of (Technical) Knowledge Management

Paligo is an end-to-end CCMS solution for technical documentation, policies and procedures, knowledge management, and more. Revolutionizing structured content making it accessible rather than complicated, Paligo is bringing the business benefits of intelligent content to a much wider audience.


Manage your full authoring workflow within the Paligo ecosystem for authoring, reuse, collaboration, versioning, translation process, multi-channel publishing and integrations into publishing platforms.


While many of Paligo’s customers are self-sufficient, there is often a need for help with migration of legacy content into Paligo, or the creation of specific new publishing outputs. DCL is a Paligo valued and trusted partner. Often migration can be a painful, although necessary, process. DCL’s vast experience in this area will ensure Paligo customers onboard and produce as quickly as possible. All this results in a superior customer experience.

The Partnership Laboratory

Trusted partners from around the world

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