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The Partnership Laboratory

Trusted partners from around the world


Featured Partner

The Leader in DITA CCMS Solutions

  • Supports Globally Dispersed Teams

  • Extensive Feature Set and Add-Ons

  • Enterprise-class Scalability

  • Cost Effective Localization

  • Manages parallel product release cycles

  • 100% DITA compliant

  • DSaaS or On-Premise

Founded in 1998, IXIASOFT is a component content management provider ranked as a trusted global leader in the content management software industry, offering a complete solution for the creation, review, localization, and publishing of technical documentation to increase productivity and efficiency. As an enterprise-class CCMS based on the DITA standard, our solution can be tailored to meet your needs.

IXIASOFT CCMS is for medium to large organizations that require authoring tools, subject matter expert contributions to their documentation, content reuse, efficient localization, and omnichannel publishing capabilities.

The DCL solution provides added value by analyzing large document collections for redundancies and then transforming content and metadata, so it seamlessly flows into IXIASOFT’s CCMS. With the latest advances in artificial intelligence and natural language

IXIASOFT CCMS Features & Benefits

processing, DCL’s content enrichment services improve downstream content discovery and system performance. DCL´s experience in deep data and content transformation services is the perfect complement to IXIASOFT´s DITA-based component content management solution.

The Partnership Laboratory

Trusted partners from around the world

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