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Case Studies

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“We have worked with DCL for about 8 years now. They are consistently responsive, professional, thorough, and highly skilled. They provide webinars on current topics and share valuable expertise. They are trustworthy and helpful.


It is nice to know that we don’t have to keep up with new content formats - they do it for us!”




Project highlights

  • Content analysis across multiple formats—HTML, Word, RoboHelp, XML, snippet files

  • Deep analysis and harmonization of redundant content

Fortune 500 Multinational Financial Services Company

Content Analysis and DITA Conversion

Keywords: DITA, XML, RWS Tridion Docs, HTML, RoboHelp, XML, Harmonizer


A multinational, Fortune 500 financial services organization had thousands of policy and procedure and training files in multiple sources, including HTML, XML, MSWord, and RoboHelp.


The content was multilayered and complex. Finding and updating the content was difficult with content contained in RoboHelp TOCs, OpenText, and snippet files. Additionally, the content needed to be structured in a format suitable for migration to an RWS Tridion Docs.


Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) analyzed all source files with its Harmonizer application, which programmatically analyzes large document collections to identify duplicate and near duplicate content. The analysis revealed a high level of redundancy, which confirmed the customer’s belief that the content also had great potential for reuse.


Once redundancies were eliminated and content was consolidated, a DITA XML workflow was recommended. DCL worked with the client to define and write business rules as well as the conversion specification.


DCL successfully converted all content to DITA for migration to the RWS CMS. New content is now authored once and reused across multiple business units. The organization experienced significant time and cost savings by streamlining content updates and new content creation. Converting to DITA enabled an easy alignment with an enterprise-wide initiative to migrate to RWS Tridion.

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