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Case Studies

Delivering customer success since 1981


Technologies Used


  • HTML5

  • ILS (Integrated Learning System)

  • LMS (Learning Management System)


Project highlights

  • Took underutilized course materials and turned them into corporate assets

  • 66% improvement in time to market

  • 6-fold increase in product throughput

"I often get asked why a content or data strategy is important to the revenue of a company. My answer is always the same: content and data are the only tangible assets. Data is currency and successful businesses must structure data and content for modern technologies and platforms.”


-Mark Gross, President, DCL


eLearning Content Digitization

Keywords: SCORM, XML, LMS, training


Cisco is the world leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions. Cisco has transformed how people connect, communicate, and collaborate. As an innovator in the communications and information technology industry, Cisco provides hardware, software, and services to businesses of all sizes, governments, service providers, and consumers. 

Cisco owned thousands of hours of valuable instructional materials but they weren’t organized in a way that they could be used with customers. Cisco needed to centralize and convert these instructional materials into a standardized format, using SCORM XML, to facilitate effective use of its learning materials.


DCL transformed more than 800 source hours of content to conform to Cisco’s Learning Management System (LMS) requirements. Collaborating closely with Cisco’s subject matter experts, DCL identified re-usable assets, verified them, normalized them, and created SCORM XML modules.

As part of creating these course packages, DCL also prepared transcripts of hundreds of hours of oral materials with timings keyed to PowerPoint slides, creating finished courseware that are now a profit center.


Cisco now has a centralized instructional material library structured and conformed to SCORM, which in turn benefits interoperability. Five hundred new products were created with the flexibility to incorporate instructional components in multiple applications and contexts.

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