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Technologies Used

  • Pattern detection software

  • Automated QC software

  • XML


Project highlights

  • 100 years of content online

  • 3-year project completed in 2.5 years

  • Complex content with extensive math, images, tables

“To innovate, dig into your past. When organizations look into their past, they often find great value and opportunity in their content and in their own ’big data.’ The impact of these assets can be large. Aside from helping breathe new life and income into libraries and museums, whose value often lies in historic archives, it’s also of great value to leading edge technology organizations looking to the future.”


-Mark Gross, President, DCL

Optical Society of America

Repository Digitization to Support Downstream Analytics

Keywords: MathML, XML, pattern detection


The Optical Society of America (OSA) is the world’s leading champion for optics and photonics, uniting and educating scientists, engineers, educators, technicians, and business leaders worldwide. Through publications, events and services, OSA advances the science of light by addressing the ongoing need for shared knowledge and innovation.


The OSA had an authoritative library of specialized scientific content, spanning 100 years, that required digitization and structure to support downstream analytics and increase usage outside of its core audience. Some of this content had not been available in years.



DCL developed and configured a series of toolsets to analyze, extract, and convert each source content type as well as QC software to validate results. The source material was complex, with extensive math, tables, and images, in multiple source formats. The required output was structured and built into a cohesive database, which now facilitates new approaches to disseminating and creating future products. 


DCL adopted an agile approach with progressive elaboration – an ideal approach given the size, breadth, and variations of the collection. 



DCL completed a 3-year project in 2.5 years, closely collaborating with OSA to deliver ahead of schedule and on budget. OSA now has an extensive repository of searchable content for historical archives, new product creation, and downstream analytics.

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NLM Conversion

Keywords: NLM, conversion, agile development, quality assurance

When faced with the challenge of converting eight highly technical journals spanning 95 years, how do you divide responsibility between the content owner and the conversion vendor? This paper demonstrates how an agile approach to content conversion with close collaboration between the publisher and the conversion vendor allowed The Optical Society of America (OSA) and DCL to navigate between the two extremes and create a high-quality digital archive that will serve OSA’s strategic aims for developing innovative products and services.