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Big data management, hosted solutions, automated processing

Automated Transformations

DCL's Automated Conversion System (DCL-ACS) system is a fully automated solution for transforming high volumes of paper and scanned documents and converting them into structured data. Hosted at DCL in a secure environment, DCL-ACS provides high-quality, continuous, 24/7 transformation of hundreds of thousands of pages per day without human intervention. 

The Automated Conversion System addresses a growing cross-industry need to search large document collections and extract metadata and other critical information. Big data has exacerbated the challenge as many organizations need to comb though large numbers of document images, which are intrinsically difficult to index and re-use. DCL’s technology transforms documents of varying visual quality and imagery into searchable XML, with extracted metadata, which can be stored and accessed via content-management and other end-user systems. 

DCL-ACS is particularly valuable for organizations with mission-critical documents where accuracy and confidentiality are imperative, such as:

  • Government Agencies

  • Archival Facilities

  • Universities

  • Medical Institutions

  • Legal Firms

  • Financial Groups

  • Real Estate Management Groups

Designed by the technology experts at DCL and configurable to meet a client’s unique business requirements, the system includes an integrated communication layer, extensive load balancing capabilities, a robust workflow engine, and a unique multi-step processing approach to render previously inaccessible data useable, at a large scale, via an exceptionally accurate, efficient process.

While modern OCR (optical character recognition) tools do a great job on clean content, they get fooled by the non-textual content of complex documents, and accuracy degrades. DCL’s new process overcomes this degradation with methods that automatically extract the extraneous content, reinserting it later into the converted document. Customizable to fit the specific requirements of each client, this system is revolutionary in its ability to manage the conversion of millions of pages in a 100% lights-out environment with surprisingly high accuracy at a fraction of the usual cost. 

Audio and video transformation services, including presentations, lectures, training content, and more 

Valuable content resides in a variety of source files, including audio tapes and recordings as well as a video formats and PowerPoint. Preserving the integrity of the data included in these files can be challenging. More often than not, it remains locked in its original format unable to be used for other purposes within an organization or easily pushed out to the public. Many organizations today are seeking to unlock their content by converting it to XML and are turning to DCL to help them.

DCL is experienced in working with all types of audio and video files including

  • Movies

  • Documentaries

  • Newsreels

  • Silent film subtitles

  • Presentations

  • Training videos

  • Instructional videos

  • Therapy sessions

  • University course work

  • Product launch guides

  • PowerPoint slides

DCL Conversion Model

DCL Conversion Hub

In order to make the conversion process as fast and flexible as possible, DCL developed the Hub-and-Spoke software architecture in which all data is normalized in the DCL Conversion Hub. The DCL Hub is an XML-based superset format that standardizes all files and breaks them down into their key elements. The files are then filtered into their target format.

The DCL Guarantee

DCL is recognized for its outstanding customer service and average conversion-accuracy rates of 99.9%. Our QA checkpoints ensure the desired level of accuracy is achieved through automated and manual processes.

Markup Language Expertise

  • DITA & DITA Specializations

  • DITA Learning & Training

  • DITA for Publishers

  • XML

  • HTML

  • PubMed JATS

  • MathML



  • Bookshelf


  • S1000D

DCL’s solution harnesses technology in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to help enable solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence. With sophisticated automated processes, DCL optimizes content to collect information, streamline compliance, facilitate migration to new systems and databases, maximize reuse potential, and ready it for delivery to all outputs.

Mark Gross, President, DCL

Markets Served

DCL's transformation services are ideal for all industries that need to transform static content (paper or image-based PDFs) into digital and semantically enriched structured content.



DCL is proud to play an active role in various industry associations and working groups. Interested in having a DCL content expert serve on your organization?

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