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PubMed Central Resources

Following is a collection of resources that DCL has put together over the years to help publishers understand the NLM's PubMed Central repository.



The PMC team maintains a list of frequently asked questions they receive. If you have a question, the answer is likely found here.


PMC Process

This page describes the process for including a journal in PubMed Central (PMC) as well as the pre-application requirements. 


Journal Selection

The scientific quality assessment for PMC focuses on the scientific rigor of the articles examined. This page details the criteria for journal selection.


Direct Inquiries

The PMC staff are available via email and are an extremely pleasant group to work with! Click the arrow below to email PMC directly.


Collection Development Guidelines

This resource details guidelines that determine whether a publication is a journal that is eligible for inclusion in the PubMed Central collection. 


MEDLINE, PubMed, and PubMed Central

The NLM resources MEDLINE, PubMed, and PubMed Central are similar yet different. Click the arrow to understand the differences.

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