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Data Conversion Laboratory with NISO Broadens Its International Exposure on XML for Standards Publishing and Content Accessibility

Fresh Meadows, NY – October 9, 2017 – Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) is moderating a panel on October 9th at the “XML For Standards Publishers: A NISO Live Connections Event” in Geneva, Switzerland, expanding the company’s value and expertise in Standards publishing and content accessibility.

DCL is sponsoring and participating in the event because of the increasing importance of establishing a standard interchange approach in the publishing of Standards. The company is a leading service provider for content and data conversion, and has been instrumental in creating content for a wide variety of Standards organizations. DCL’s high profile at this year’s event illustrates its growing influence on making content more accessible and the best practices to help these publishers achieve their goals to that end.

This event is for Standards publishers, to aid in their understanding of how XML helps improve publishing processes and bring business value to the organization. Attendees at the event will learn how XML can facilitate content accessibility, interoperability between standards organizations, aid content reuse for additional products and revenue, and so much more.

Brian Trombley, DCL’s National Account Director, will be in Geneva to moderate a panel: “NISO STS: An XML Standard for Standards." NISO STS is a subset of XML specifically formulated for standards publishing. “Finally, there is a standard for Standards,” said Trombley. “NISO STS, the new standard for marking up Standards content, is a great leap forward in making this important corpus of information accessible, actionable and interoperable."

Standards are used in the design and manufacturing of almost all devices. The Standards publishing process itself is not standardized which makes it difficult and costly to incorporate Standards from the various Standards organizations. Traditionally, Standards have been delivered as PDF documents, but increasingly this format is seen to be too inflexibility to meet the demands of the industry today.

“Standards are behind the scenes for most people, but they’re critical to make our modern world run,” said Mark Gross, President of DCL. “Complex products rely on dozens, sometimes hundreds of Standards, compiled from many Standards bodies. Another benefit of using XML is that it helps publications be more accessible to those with disabilities – which will allow engineers and designers with various disabilities to more easily work and be productive.”

For over 35 years, DCL has been a leader in regulatory and compliance services such as SPL & ACA6004, and helping organizations maximize the value of their content assets investment through digitization and organization, making reuse easier, and providing greater accessibility. DCL’s teams are experts in converting content into all structured formats, including XML, S1000D, SGML, proprietary schemas, and others. DCL is a multi-year winner of EContent’s Top 100 companies.

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