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New book conversion service helping small publishers and authors revive backlists and out-of-print books on the Internet.

New Books2Bytes service converts printed books and manuscripts into electronic files. The service allows small publishers and even individual authors to revive backlists and out-of- print books. Once in electronic format, titles can be turned into e- books and sold again over the Internet or on CD-ROM.

"Books2Bytes converts everything from trade books and novels to business books, educational and religious titles," says Shavy Schwimmer, coordinator of Books2Bytes. "Publishers and authors simply send in their print books and we send them a Microsoft Word file."

The Books2Bytes service is a subsidiary of Data Conversion Laboratory Inc. (DCL, a long-established New York firm with top name clients in Government, multi-national business, and publishing.)

"With the Books2Bytes service we've streamlined the resources of DCL - those used by big firms and organizations - to fit the trade book conversion market," adds Schwimmer. "This means customers don't incur the engineering charges that go with unique projects, but do get big firm service at prices affordable to smaller firms and lone authors."

This levels the playing field. What was once the sole domain of large publishers - turning out-of-print titles into e-books and making them available online - is now within the reach of smaller firms and individuals.

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