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75% of Life Sciences Firms Say Current Documentation Practices Inefficient
Poll shows most plan to address in 2007: XML seen as potential solution

Princeton, NJ – December 14, 2006 – A new poll of life sciences companies indicates more than three out of four feel their current documentation processes are inefficient. The survey, commissioned by Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), RWD Technologies and ForeignExchange Translations, also indicates most are planning to either investigate or implement a solution over the next 12 months.

The survey, conducted in November, focused on key areas of life sciences firms heavily involved with complex documentation practices, including labeling, clinical, non-clinical, regulatory, and medical affairs. Over 70% of respondents indicated their biggest pain points were related to formatting of documents, re-creating documents from other documents and data sources that already existed within their organization, and inefficient creation, review and approval processes.

"Many life sciences organizations rely on word processing formats like Word™ and Quark™ for their documentation because of its ease of use and WYSIWYG composition. However, as the demand for information grows due to an aging population, maturity of the Internet as an information source, FDA initiatives, etc., organizations are reporting a gap between their capabilities and requirements" said Mark Gross, President of Data Conversion Laboratory. "The survey shows life sciences organizations have significant concerns, but also high confidence that the issues can be addressed."

"Our past experiences have shown that XML technology can solve many of the issues raised in this survey, such as redundant content creation and exhaustive time spent on formatting of documents instead of writing the actual scientific content” added Joe Jenkins, Life Sciences Market Director for RWD Technologies.

"Clients who utilize XML are able to reduce translation costs by 60%," said Andres Heuberger, President of ForeignExchange Translations. "Combined with the ability to cut production times by weeks or months, it is easy to see the appeal that XML holds for life science companies."

The international survey of 207 life sciences professionals is being released as most departments finalize their plans for 2007.

About Data Conversion Laboratory

Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. (DCL) prepares content for data bases, electronic publishing and the Web. DCL provides services to fine-tune document conversion strategy, eliminate document redundancy, identify metadata, and prepare legacy and future documents for true present and future needs. More information about Data Conversion Laboratory may be obtained at

About RWD Technologies

Since 1988, RWD has helped clients in complex operating environments improve efficiency and enterprise performance with a broad range of innovative software technology and end user training solutions. From XML-based Enterprise Content Management Solutions, Learning Services, Consulting and Training for Lean and Six Sigma Process Improvement, to End User Enterprise Training, Change Management, and CRM Optimization - RWD has a long history of delivering best-in-class products and solutions, and the continuing support our clients require to maintain a competitive advantage. 

About ForeignExchange Translations

ForeignExchange Translations is the global leader in providing translation services to the life sciences. Our exclusive Multilingual Compliance Process combines expert linguists, best-of-breed technology and measurable quality into a process that is both robust and completely scalable, ensuring that multilingual projects and documents are delivered on time and within budget. 

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