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  • Marianne Calilhanna

To me, digital transformation means...

Illustration with images that convey digital transformation. Words on the illustration include things such as technology, culture, method, dev ops, leader.

DCL, CIDM, and RWS recently closed a 3-month long “Digital Transformation Survey” to understand how various industries address the adoption of processes, technology, tools, and information architecture. We will host a webinar in August that dives deep into the responses but want to share the following insights from just some of our survey respondents when asked to complete the sentence, "to me, digital transformation means..."

  • using digital technologies to transform and improve current functions and vastly increase scope of possible future functions.

  • innovation

  • some kind of refactoring or restructuring content and its delivery systems so that the end user has a modern digital experience.

  • migrating people and processes from manual repetitive tasks to automated, collaborative scalable solutions. Improving the value a person can bring to a process by removing the drudgery.

  • optimizing your content for the ever transforming digital landscape of society

  • using document sources as data for product design.

  • creating a user experience that integrates the digital experience as a first-class citizen in the overall experience.

  • it is the use of digital skills, techniques, methods, technology,to increase and improve the efficiency, outcome,yield and revenue of a business,company or firm which Results in improved satisfaction of the customer's and client's needs.

  • moving legacy, or 'unharmonzied' content into a single location where multiple digital outputs can be created from.

  • In one sense, it means nothing. Companies have been undergoing "digital transformation" since the introduction of computers. I think you want to know about modernization of publication and information processes in the context of 2020 and later. But in fact, "digital transformation" is a buzz-word, so I really don't know what it means.

  • integration of digital healthcare technologies into healthcare delivery that promotes safety, efficacy, and connected care. It should not add to overall cost or fragmentation of care, but instead complement quality connected care.

  • moving content from static web and print pages to modular, intelligent content that can be consumed by machines & humans, and be assembled in response to customer intent.

  • a lot of different things to different industries. To me, it means transforming our content and systems to enable interoperability, streamline workflows, improve editorial accuracy, and ultimately deliver content to users in a frictionless manner.

View the full survey results as presented in our webinar:



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