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Technology & Content Structure for the Life Sciences

DCL Learning Series

On-Demand Webinars for the Life Sciences Industry

This webinar series is produced by the DCL Learning Series in conjunction with Court Square Group and JANA Life Sciences.


Technology plays a critical role in the life sciences where accuracy, traceability, and compliance along with speed-to-market is critical. Improving content and data management, IT systems, compliance, and program management streamlines research and drug development. This learning series covers topics that are critical to success at every stage of the pharma and biomedical life cycle.

The first video in the series presents an overview of key terms and technology with subsequent presentations diving deeper into concepts and technology. By the end of the series, you will walk away with a deep understanding about how to

  • Streamline workflows to bring products to market more expeditiously and efficiently

  • Use content within your documents as data that informs actionable events

  • Maintain regulatory compliance in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment

  • Enable key vendors to interact with internal systems seamlessly


Current State of Best Practices & Technology for Life Sciences’ Content and Document Management


Metadata and Taxonomies in the Drug Development Life Cycle: Why Should I Care?


Improving Time to Market for Drug Development: Content Structure and Systems Integration


Life Sciences' IT Systems: Cloud, Compliance, Regulatory—All Together Now!


Content From Multiple Clinical Sources: The Pitfalls and Solutions to Consistent Documents and Content


Technology and Life Sciences:
Tool Selection, Systems Implementation, Data Migration, and Security


Map or Scrap? Consolidating Data Between Inherited Enterprise Systems in the Life Sciences

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